Get to Know Soundcloud with these 5 Facts

News 08:05 May 2020:

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This might be a shock to most social media users when they hear that free SoundCloud likes are becoming a huge deal than they ever expected. This captured my thoughts as well, and I decided to dig much deep to find out more about SoundCloud and other media platforms. The facts that I found about this social media music platform will leave you shocked!

Fact No 1

Did you know that twitter of all the other social media platform has invested almost $70 million in the SoundCloud music services? Over the recent past, Twitter has become a big fun for SoundCloud. Actually, a couple of years ago, Twitter wanted to buy the company but instead, they have invested heavily on it. Both platforms have now been able to facilitate and inspire contemporary culture, reaching millions of people around the globe and creating a higher chance to generate free SoundCloud likes.

Fact No.2

You will be shocked to know that the estimated value of SoundCloud up to date is $700 million. What attracted twitter into SoundCloud according to the Re/code report, is that the media platform would use the part of the investment as a funding round which was expected to be around $100 million which would value the SoundCloud platform at about $700 million. Today, SoundCloud will allow you to import playlist into Spotify. These two are now the most popular streaming services we have around the globe. You can use different online service available today to transfer your playlist between the two platforms.

Fact No. 3

You have to know that Instagram is now allowing their users to post SoundCloud to it. This is actually a feature that’s so amazing for musicians on Soundcloud and Instagram. The feature is opening a new door for band promotion and media marketing. There is now a direct gateway for SoundCloud musicians to connect with the Instagram community more easily. Musicians can now share tracks to their Instagram feeds directly, ensuring more views which can lead to increased likes. Anyone can link their SoundCloud to Instagram in case you are wondering. The feature is not only for musicians but anyone can take advantage of the same.

Fact No. 4

You will need a marketing plan to be able to promote your SoundCloud music to generate free SoundCloud likes. What does this imply? Just like any other business that wants a boom in the global market today would strategize the way forward by setting goals, identifying the target market and ensuring their products meet the needs of that market, every musician is needed to do the same. To promote your SoundCloud music for more likes, you need to understand your audience and their habits. This will help you come up with a strategy that helps you to know how to target the global audience when you put your music out there.

Fact No. 5

This is the next big fact that will help you generate free SoundCloud likes in the easiest way possible. Knowing where your target audience is, both online and offline is very important. Once you know your audience demographics and habits, you will be able to figure out where their concentration is as far as looking for music is concerned. For the online potential audience, I advise you to look at youtube, a platform that is often social.

To state some facts here, it is now easier to discover what’s next in music with SoundCloud than other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This is due to the fact that SoundCloud has around 180 million tracks uploaded and millions of artists to discover. This is paving a way for creators and listeners to connect and it’s what SoundCloud is all about. SoundCloud is an amazing social media platform one will never want to miss out. It is coming up at an alarming rate, and every musician taking advantage of this fact alone is in a better position to get their audience and publish their music in a less costly platform. To get more likes and grow your SoundCloud experience, you can use various platforms available in the online market today and generate free SoundCloud likes to give you an outstanding experience.

Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Snapchat Likes

Snapchat, as a photo and video sharing app begun humbly in 2011 and today, unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo, snapchat has now exploded into a very powerful and most popular social media platform in the global market. It seems that everyone, regardless of age, whether old or young is using snapchat in this era. However, the big question now remains, how can someone get and improve free snapchat likes in the easiest way possible? Well, if you are reading this article right now you are doing the right thing, here we have some secrets just for you to get you more views that will attract free likes than you ever thought.

Secret #1 Update your profile pictures

This is one big tip that can get you more free snapchat likes within a blink. When using snapchat, it is important to understand that it’s a bit difficult to discover other users. This is due to the fact that unlike other social media platforms such as tumblr, there isn’t any organic search function on snapchat. This means that to drive more people in order to improve your free likes, you will need to update your profile picture. The profile picture on snapchat is actually a snapcode which is the QR code that makes it possible to add new users outside your contact list. Anyone who scans your snapcode is able to add your account automatically, and this means more views and more free likes.

 Secret #2 Post your content more frequently

Posting more content on snapchat just like on Instagram will ensure more views and followers and hence improving your free snapchat likes. In snapchat, posted contents are ordered chronologically, meaning that the latest feed shoots to the top of other feeds. Therefore, to ensure your story is always at the top of the feeds to make people see how active you are and keep expecting to hear from you every time they log in, I advise that you post as frequently as possible. This will attract more followers, meaning more views, and attract more likes on your posts.

Secret #3 Show your audience what goes on behind the scene

Snapchat stands out among other social media platforms due to its unique feature that makes the content posted feel personal and intimate. Snapchat doesn’t have that polished quality that makes a social media platform come off feeling fake. This is what makes snapchat a road to go and engage with your audience helping you drive your point home. Showing what goes behind the scene especially for companies and businesses, will generate more free snapchat likes for your brand. A bit of advice, posting snaps of what goes on in your business will get your audience motivated. They will probably like your post and may end up becoming reliable customers in the future.

Secret #4 Your structure is important

To avoid frustrating your audience to improve your free likes on social media platforms such asvimeoand snapchnat as well as other platforms out there, it is very important to be more keen on the rule of the structure when creating your content. You will need to have a definitive or narrative structure of your content. Set your expectations earlier on, before you publish your content for free snapchat likes. It is important to know that people have a short expansion span than even the goldfish. This will mean that when it comes to snapchat, don’t take more than two or more snaps to get to the point, otherwise, you will lose your audience. The fast snaps you take should actually be able to set your expectations. This will give your audience a hint that the snaps that follow are going to be worth their time.

Secret #5 Don’t forget your Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media platforms, you can use to promote a snapchat account in a most effective manner. Don’t just think by posting your snapcode, the job is done, there are actually more things require of you to ensure more snapchat likes. Taking advantage of the bio link on your Instagram will really be helpful in promoting snapchat. What you need to do is to change your bio link for a couple of hours once you promote snapchat content. This will add you more followers and views hence more likes.

Note: Just like other social media platforms, to succeed in the snapchat media app and ensure full fun, the economy must run in the number of views and likesyour snaps and videos gets. More followers and views will mean more free snapchat likes.