How Reseller Hosting Provider can Help Their Customers Grow Their Online Presence

News 09:05 May 2020:

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Assuming that you have already set up shop as a reseller panel, the issue of customer sustainability must already be boggling your mind. You are determined to make your clients sites successful online but you are not sure which path is the right one.

Here is a quick guide into the most fundamental aspects that every reseller hosting provider should be aware of.

Service scalability

If someone had suggested to you that soon after establishing yourself as a reseller hosting provider you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by user demand for more server power, you would have dismissed their thoughts as being overly ambitious too soon.

However, chances are that today you are feeling the surge of users need to expand their disk space and have more resources which means you need to be thinking of how you can increase your capability to cope with an increasing workload.

If you didn’t discuss this with your web service provider prior to starting your reseller panel business. It’s high time you revisit that topic.

Basically, there are various plans that users can upgrade to whenever their need for server resources supersedes the cloud hosting packages that caters for only small to mid-sized business website presence.

You need to have that capability to enable user transition from a regular web hosting service to a plan of their choice depending on the amount of traffic and the amount of data to be processed that they expect. Mostly, such transitions are done by the parent web hosting company and takes only a few hours to transfer a user’s data to the new server.


Boost site loading speed

Ensuring that the site speed is perfect will ensure that your clients get less disappointments because the faster a site loads, the lesser the bounce rates it would score. As you may have observed, the attention of site visitors has been dropping significantly and boosting the site loading speed ensure clients get the information they are looking on time and therefore will not hesitate using the services time and again.

There are various tactics and tools that are used to boost the site loading speed such as website accelerators, data catching and data compressors. Apart from the likes of such tactics and tools, there are also many hardware and software quality features that as well influence the loading speed of the


Guarantee customers web security

You cannot talk of your dedication to ensure the success of your customers’ online presence and not address the cyber security menace that consists of polluted malicious users and programs that targets every site that is launched online.

Although all websites launched online are prone to these negative influencers, there are various tools and features that you can put in place to ensure that the effects of the polluted ecosystem would not disrupt your customers’ websites. Such tools include IP blocking, anti-virus protection, website-based firewall among others.

Ensuring that your customers have a flawless online experience will ensure that they trust your services more and as you know in business, loyalty earned this way lasts a lifetime.

Setting Prices When Doing Upgrades Through A Reseller Panel

Before setting the price if you wish to do upgrades in your web hosting business, let us delve into what a web hosting enterprise is.

What is web hosting business using a reseller panel?

This attributes to a kind of service that authorizes individuals and businesses to establish a web page or website online. The one that offers the services and technologies required for the web page or a website to be browsed online refers to a web hosting service provider or a web host.

In addition to this, websites are stored or hosted on what are referred to as servers which are highly regarded as specialized type of computers. In the event that online users wish to browse your site, they solely have to type the address of your site or your domain using their chosen browser. It is important to understand that the computer shall then link to your server and from there your web page will be transported to internet users by means of the browser they use. 

How to set price if you wish to do upgrades in your web hosting business?

Through free-of-charge reseller hosting program reseller panel services available online, entrepreneurs could feasibly deal in web hosting services without the necessity to redeem them yourself prior that. What is more, this is done through designating a custom cost above the wholesale cost for every web hosting service which you provide and that you decide to market. Take in mind that each of this web hosting services that you provide could also be advanced, at any time the client chooses to obtain more because they are in need of further resources.

On the other hand, you, being the hosting reseller, could designate a personalized cost for every web hosting upgrade provided to clients that acquired semi-dedicated server accounts and cloud web hosting. This is also similar with clients who choose to elevate their VPS or dedicated server configurations. Should you wish to execute this, you only need to click the tab that says “My Offers” located above the navigation menu that can be found within the reseller control panel.

Once this is already executed, as a web hosting reseller, it is now easy as a pie for you to set costs for the web-hosting-related offers or services you have as well as for all the upgrades you wish to execute. In addition to this, the revenues from the upgrades shall then be allotted to your total reseller revenues. Take into consideration that the upgrades menu shall show up in a new tab that is beside the tab of “List Plans.”

In the same way, please be guided that all upgrades linked with cloud web hosting account could be signed for – this is for the period remaining till the termination period of the cloud web hosting account in query. It is worth mentioning that all dedicated server and Virtual Private Servers could be secured for solely a month. These need to be refurbished together with the corresponding account itself, particularly if the client prefers to frequently utilize them.